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Combat center is for combat!

Combat Rules

Combat rules can vary but generally your team will include three pets. Combat ends when all pets on onside or rendered unable to continue, generally when your pets health is equal to zero. During combat, each round one pet will be consider on attacking the other is defending. The speed stat is used to determine who attacks. Each round the speed factor is determined by the speed of each pet. If the pet attacks, then the get no additional speed factor in the next round.


Skill: A skill is an action that can be taught to your pet to enhance their combat ability. Skills can apply damage directly or indirectly. Apply buffs or debuffs. Buff: A buff is an effect that enhances your pet for a set number of rounds. Debuff: A debuff is an effect that weakens your pet for a set number of rounds. Direct Damage: Damage is calculated by taking the attackers attack or magic (whichever is higher after all skill calculations) and then subtracting the defense(for attack) or resist(for magic) from the value. This value is then modified by typings and then the damage is applied.